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STaNHD, Stand up for the North Hampshire Downs, is an organisation that has been set up by local people to protect the rural environment in South Basingstoke and the North Hampshire Downs.


The first major threat to the Downs is the proposal by Portsmouth Estates, made public on 18 June 2020, to build 2,500 houses on 900 acres between the M3 and the A339 titled Upper Swallick Garden Community.

The proposal represents an attempt to extend Basingstoke southwards and the start of the loss of outstanding landscape and agricultural land thereby significantly damaging the environment of the whole North Hampshire Downs area.


The development would engulf the village of Cliddesden and reach as far as Ellisfield and Winslade thereby ridding these villages of their individual characters.  As well as cutting off easy access to the countryside for the residents of Basingstoke.

There are many reasons why this idea is completely unsuitable.


In the first instance the main aim of STaNHD is to keep these 900 acres out of the Local Plan of Basingtoke and Deane.

STaNHD consists of representatives from Cliddesden, Ellisfield and Winslade and we hope to work closely with other communities affected either directly or indirectly by this proposal.



The Key people driving this action group are:

Marcus Rule, Ellisfield, Chairman, 

Alan Tyler, Cliddesden

Simon Barker, Cliddesden

Charles Gibbs, Cliddesden, Treasurer

Gordon Dunse, Ellisfield

Dee Haas, Ellisfield, CPRE Hampshire

John Raymond, Winslade

Emma Bedford, Winslade, Secretary

If you would like to contact us by email or telephone we would love to hear from you.

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