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How to Help:

  1. Write to you Local Councilor & MP

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Who to Write to:

PLEASE WRITE to your Councillor at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and your MP.

We urge as many people to write so that there is an understanding of the level of support to protect this environment and the scale of opposition to the development.   Please write to your local councillor. 

A list of your local councillors can be found here:  

Local MP's email addresses:

Ranil Jayawardena MP North East Hampshire:

Maria Miller MP Basingstoke:

Kit Malthouse MP North West Hampshire:

Damian Hinds MP East Hampshire: 

What to Write:

Each letter should be written from an individual’s point of view but here are a few suggestions to help:


· The loss of crucial countryside for walking, cycling, and running for the people of Basingstoke.

· The potential loss of nearly 900 acres of farmland when we need to produce more food at home.

· Damage to the water catchment area.

· There is already a problem in getting rid of surface water in the area.

· Unlikely that Basingstoke will need the extra houses to meet its targets.

· Climate change exacerbated.

· Added pollution – air, light, water, noise.

· Loss of trees and hedges.

· Loss of biodiversity due to the destruction of the natural environment.

· Loss of character of the area, destroying traditional field patterns.

· Lack of infrastructure - the traffic it would generate (at least 15,000 extra cars).


Let's save this farmland and countryside

Sign the petition here:

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