Stand Up for the

North Hampshire Downs

MARCH 2021 NEWS:  


  • The petition has reached over 8,000 signatures.

  • The CPRE have produced a report citing the area as a Valued Landscape and as such must be protected. 

  • To view their report click here:


  • STaNHD are developing further responses and activity regarding the protection of the North Hampshire Downs.

  • We are consulting Planning & Traffic Consultants  and Landscape Specialists.

  • We urgently need to raise more funds to pay for this professional advice.

  • Please could you donate to support STaNHD, no matter how small, every amounts counts!

Please keep signing the Petition

and spreading the word

The North Hampshire Downs Need You.  

Please be aware that money "chipped in"on goes directly to for organising the petition and not to STaNHD


BANNERS £30 each 

Please contact to purchase your banner.

All money goes directly to STaNHD to pay for Professional Advice.

STaNHD have produced banners which are for sale to support the work that they are doing and to pay for the professional advice needed to protect this countryside.  The banners are £30 each and every penny goes directly to STaNHD, the production of the banners has been paid for by a very generous donor.