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August 2021

Over the last few months, STaNHD has been working to save the North Hampshire Downs.  STaNHD have worked on logical arguments to influence Basingstoke and Deane's decisions on their Local Plan. These have included commissioning a traffic survey and a biodiversity study of the area. 


We believe that this downland is not the right place for a development of 2,500 houses. 


We have produced a video to illustrate the landscape that would be lost.



As part of our ongoing objection to the proposed Upper Swallick Garden Development, we have analysed the Prospectus issued by The Portsmouth Estate and have constructed a detailed technical review of this document. Please see here for the analysis:




CPRE Hampshire, the countryside charity, has also assessed the landscape and produced a document highlighting the value of this special landscape and countryside.  



We appreciate your support in our efforts to protect this countryside

We need to keep this development out of the Local Plan.

We need you NOW! 

What can you do?

Recent Correspondence

A letter from STaNHD to Local Councillors

Dear Councillor, 

A Legacy for Basingstoke?

There is no doubt that more housing is required to fulfil the Borough’s housing need, both now and in the decades to come. As Borough Councillors, you have a crucial role to play in ensuring that future developments meet these requirements. You have some tough decisions ahead, and the plans that you make today will impact the lives of everyone who lives in the Borough, now and in the future.

As residents of the Basingstoke and Deane, we have realised over the past year just how vulnerable the countryside all around Basingstoke is to development. At the same time, the town centre would appear to be crying out for regeneration and renewal, especially in the aftermath of Covid 19 as offices, retail and business units sit empty.


Here is a video ( see below)  of the area of the North Hampshire Downs, south of Basingstoke, that is potentially to be affected by the development proposed by the Portsmouth Estates. This video has been produced by residents and Parish Councils of the area. 

See below for a Valued Landscape Report, commissioned by CPRE Hampshire, which
illustrates just how highly regarded the countryside around Basingstoke is. Whilst our video shows just one area which is at risk, we would like to offer our support and help to any other areas in the Borough who might be facing similar challenges. By working together, we can protect and preserve the rural areas around Basingstoke so that all residents of the borough can continue to enjoy Basingstoke and Deane’s most valuable assets for generations to come.

Please spare us a few minutes of your time to watch this video and read this report. When this land– and other areas of countryside around Basingstoke which are proposed for development - is gone, it is gone forever. Wouldn’t it be great to leave the residents of the Borough a legacy that we can all  be proud of? The choice is yours – please use it wisely.


Yours sincerely



Please keep signing the Petition

and spreading the word

The North Hampshire Downs Need You.  

Please be aware that money "chipped in"on goes directly to for organising the petition and not to STaNHD

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