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Area of Proposed  Development

The proposed Upper Swallick development, covering 732 acres, would engulf the village of Cliddesden and reach as far as Ellisfield and Winslade thereby ridding these villages of their individual characters as well as destroying acres of farmland.

The proposal is for 2,500 houses, this number would certainly increase once the developers start building.


Traffic levels would reach unacceptable levels on the A339, the B3406 to the Candovers, through Brighton Hill, Hatch Warren and Cliddesden.

During the recent Covid-19 Pandemic many people from Basingstoke and the surrounding villages walked and cycled along the footpaths of the area from Cliddesden through Winslade and up to Ellisfield. It was a lifesaver for many people during lockdown and made us all realise the enormous importance of having access to clean air and countryside.  It also opened our eyes to the natural world around us all.


The area of countryside under threat helps make up the"LUNGS" of Basingstoke.  The development would remove easy access to this open space.

The proposal would irreversibly harm some of the finest rural chalk downland landscape.  The North Hampshire Downs provide the most beautiful views over undulating farmland that stretch into the distance in all directions.


The maps below show the enormity of this development and how it would be virtually the size of the area of Basingstoke within the ring road.

Our Mission

The North Hampshire Downs stretch from Ewshot and Dippenhall in the east, through Cliddesden, Herriard and Shalden to Dummer and Brown Candover in the west.

It is an area covering approximately 65 square miles, that being an area similar to the inside of the north and south circulars in central London. It has no towns, but approximately 30 villages and hamlets, many of which have existed as parishes for over 1000 years.

It consists of swathes of chalk downland that have been cultivated since the Iron Age.


The area is the source of the River Itchen to the south, the source of the River Loddon, River Lyde and River Whitewater to the north and water drains into the River Hart to the north and River Wey to the east.

Our Mission

To preserve this beautiful landscape for future generations.

Please follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with latest on how you can help save this landscape.

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