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Stand Up For The North Hampshire Downs

STaNHD, Stand up for the North Hampshire Downs

 is a group set up by local people to protect and promote the North Hampshire Downs for the community and future generations to experience and enjoy.

Portsmouth Estates have submitted a concept document for "Upper Swallick Garden Village" which would ultimately be a new town consisting of at least 2500 houses. The development would be the size of central Basingstoke and would concrete over a large area of pristine chalk downland.

The area under threat from this specific development stretches south and west of Basingstoke from Cliddesden and the M3 to the A339 reaching as far as Winslade and  Ellisfield. 


However the greater area of chalk downland that is the North Hampshire Downs needs our protection.

The aim is to preserve this beautiful landscape for future generations

Once this farmland is gone, it is gone.

Click here to read STaNHD's key message:

For further news on STaNHD see latest information page 

STaNHD featured on BBC South Today News. 

We need to act.

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